Studio 99

Constructed as a painting space for the home owner, Studio 99 took the place of a dilapidated garage in the backyard of a home in Little Italy. An extremely tight budget and an almost equally rigid schedule added a layer of interesting problem solving to the project. Such limitations directly informed the formal evolution of the studio as the most generic of materials and processes were implemented in order to keep the time and money spent to an absolute minimum.

The cladding is the most inexpensive of recycled composite siding boards, meant to be hung vertically with corner caps. In response to the shape of the new building, the cladding was rotated ninety degrees and the corners were mitered to create the desired monolithic form. The extra-thick west wall is dug out in certain places to give way for a large picture window and shelving. The removed volumes symbolically become protrusions on the east wall, creating more shelving, a desk and seating.

Completed: August 2011

Client: Private